The urge towards something we can’t catch, the struggling attempt to tame a force that already possess us, and which is impossible to control.
Tristan Corbière is the very paradigm of poetry, with harmful sharpness. In his writings, you could almost see the shamble of a young man who dreams about the sea, who let world’s haze skim him, and he wants to be part of it, but he’s doomed to the shore.

Every poem cast a thrust, and I let myself to be wounded. Twelve images arosed from twelve poems; not tied to didascalic illustration, yet drenched
of empathy and participation.

A thick black trace, broken and chipped with doubts, that vainly tries to reflect the gleam that rants into Tristan’s verses; the Ankou who loved the sea.

Oil & pencil illustrations based upon poems by Tristan Corbière, 24 x 33 cm, 2014.
Prints available.

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