Road Trippin

A wanderer stares at the horizon, his finger leaves marks in the sky. Images of a fool among fools.

I kept sketchbooks and diaries during my travels around the world, and I’ve tried to capture unique moments: places, people. After ten years of adventures and marvels, I put the pieces togheter to see the whole picture, that in my case it is a book.
A carnet de voyage, studded of short stories and poems but mostly made of drawings and images.
In these pages packed of events you can perceive the strain of travel. A visual stratification that leads to an emotional one.
A very personal work that gives you the taste of a peek thru the secrets of a stranger, of a friend not meet yet. Maybe you will find that the real travel has not started yet.

Road Trippin is the name of my first selfproduced drawing book, that may eventually lead to a series from other authors also.
Tech info: pocket-edition 10 x 15 cm, color prints, matte paper gr.130, perfect binding, cover matte paper gr. 350, first run 200 copies. Language: italian. Price: € 15 including shipping fare for Italy.

I always thought that a traveller who sketches, is travelling twice. Let me show you why.
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